Sukhad was born in a musical family of Great Pakhawaj Maestro Pt. Manik Munde.
He has got inspiration and blessings from the great Gurus like Bhakt Ganesh Anna Choudhary, Pt. Satishchandra Choudhary and Prof. Govindrao Deshmukh. Sukhad started getting Pakhawaj Talim (training) at the age of 6 yrs under Guru-Shishya Parampara from his Father & Guru Pt. Manik Munde a wellknown Pakhawaj Player.
Sukhad has got SWAR-GYAN from the wellknown Dhrupad Guru Pt. Uday Bhawalkar.
He has got many opportunities to perform with great Dhrupad Vocalists, Instrumentalists and Katthak Dancers. Sukhad plays Jugalbandi and Tal-vadya Kacheri with different instruments as well as Solo performances.